Hello Fall 2015 

Despite the fact that today was the first day of Fall, the temperature outside refused to let off. It was in the high 90’s all day.

This Starbucks cup screams Fall.

 In an effort to enjoy my hot pumpkin spice latte, I cranked up the A/C in my car and made believe it was cold outside.

I love summer more than anyone, however I’m ready for a change. Cold weather where are you? California needs you!  

Happy First Day of Fall everyone! 


Mad Men

Mad Men

I’ve started watching AMC‘s Mad Men & I am hooked. I am currently watching episode 13 of season 1. So much has happened my head is spinning. This show is so good! Also, am I the only one who found Peggy endearing at first but annoying towards the end? And that Peter Campbell, what a prick!


I’m absolutely obsessed with the iPhone game To-Fu. It is so much fun!

The red bandana sporting To-Fu stretches, pings and sticks to walls, wooden boards and anything that isn’t covered in dangerous spikes!


It’s 100 levels of pure entertainment! It’s addicting and I recommend everyone purchase this app.


It’s only .99 cents and when I say To-Fu I mean tofu. The little character in this game has so much personality. Worth every penny! xoxo

Sad day for the San Francisco Giants

Yesterday the Giants played the Florida Marlins and lets just say it wasn’t pretty.  Scott Cousins of the Marlins crashed into Buster Posey at home plate.  That crash COST US OUR STAR CATCHER!

Giants fans are so upset over this major loss.  Poor Buster Posey sustained a fractured bone in his lower left leg and three torn ligaments in his ankle.  He is now on the disabled list and will likely be out the rest of the season.

Word on the street is that the SF Giants won’t have a repeat of last season, but I say don’t lose faith in our team!  Just because Buster is busted doesn’t mean this season is a bust.  Keep your spirits high, Buster in your prayers, and keep your Rally Rags waving!  This isn’t the end of the Giants Season.  GO GIANTS!