Hello Fall 2015 

Despite the fact that today was the first day of Fall, the temperature outside refused to let off. It was in the high 90’s all day.

This Starbucks cup screams Fall.

 In an effort to enjoy my hot pumpkin spice latte, I cranked up the A/C in my car and made believe it was cold outside.

I love summer more than anyone, however I’m ready for a change. Cold weather where are you? California needs you!  

Happy First Day of Fall everyone! 


Mad Men

Mad Men

I’ve started watching AMC‘s Mad Men & I am hooked. I am currently watching episode 13 of season 1. So much has happened my head is spinning. This show is so good! Also, am I the only one who found Peggy endearing at first but annoying towards the end? And that Peter Campbell, what a prick!

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Call It Quits

Kim K. and Kris H. call it quits.

On October 31st 2011 Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband Kris Humphries.  Their marriage lasted 72 days.  There are hundreds of rumors floating around as to what might have happened, but no one knows for sure what destroyed their marriage.

Everyone predicted that this union would not last, however its still sad when two people divorce.  I hope Kim Kardashian learns that she shouldn’t go looking for love, and that she shouldn’t fall in love so easily.  I hope for Kris Humphries sake the NBA lockout ends and that Kevin Garnett stops being a greedy toad.